Resources and Links

Great websites to visit for more information and resources for training, behavior and more recommended by VIATA!

Ban Shock Collars

A website which explains all the reasons why you should not use a shock collar to train your dog.
There is also a Petition asking the Canadian Government to make the use of shock collars in Canada illegal.
Shock collars have been banned in several European countries.  Please sign the Petition and let the Government hear your voice.

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Best Friends Animal Society

Dog Body Language

Click on the link to a very helpful article on their website about dog body language.

If you are at the dog park, it is very helpful to be able to read the body language of the dogs around you.
Sometimes what looks like play isn’t play at all and if you can spot the difference then you will be able to intervene between your dog an another dog before things go wrong. When at the dog park, or when out anywhere with your dog, you should always be paying attention to your dog and the other dogs around you both.

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Clicker Train a Horse!

Ever thought about clicker training your horse?

Click on the link to find out more about how clicker training is a gentle and humane way to train your horse.

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The website of Emily Larlham who is based in Sweden.

Her website is an excellent source of information about positive dog training and gives you access to her extensive You Tube training film library.
Well worth a visit, so click on the dog!


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Dog Star Daily

Dr, Ian Dunbar’s website is packed with articles, training tips and free downloads.
Dr Ian Dunbar is an internationally known and respected figure who is widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of puppy training.


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Dr Sophia Yin DVM, MS

Dr Yin is a vet behaviourist with a lot to share about positive training and why you should use it.
Her website has great videos and downloads, articles and access to her blog. She is also the author of DVDs and books


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Karen Pyror

What? Train a Rabbit?

Yes, you can clicker train your rabbit! It is fun for you and stimulating for your rabbit.
Go to Karen Pryor’s website page where you can learn how!

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Steve Benjamin, KPACTP, KPA Faculty

Steve Benjamin’s website has some useful and helpful information.
Amongst other things – learn how to teach your dog not to cross a boundary without the use of fences or a shock collar!
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The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

This website gives you plenty of useful information and also links to it’s You Tube site which has instructional videos about positive dog training.
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Victoria Stillwell

Victoria Stillwell has a TV programme called “It’s Me Or The Dog” which shows on Animal Planet.
Victoria is a passionate advocate of positive dog training. Victoria has written books about positive training and also gives seminars around the world.
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