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What is “Enrichment”?

What is "enrichment" and why is it important to my dog and me? Article by Allison Schaefer, RAHT Behavioural enrichment is an animal care principle important for any animal in captivity.  It involves providing activities, interactions, and opportunities for animals to...

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Choosing a Pet Sitter

Choosing a Pet Sitter Article by Jenn Hauta Going on vacation is supposed to be a time to relax, kick back, and forget the worries of everyday life. However, many pet guardians have a hard time relaxing when they are away from their furry, finned, or feathered friend....

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Why Use Positive Training?

For Animals: Positive Reinforcement Training builds:   attentiveness bond confidence cooperation desirable behaviours enthusiasm motivation reliability resilience trust willingness If you are a professional and wish to find out more about what VIATA says about...

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What is Positive Training?

What is Positive Training, and Why Should We Use It? by Lisbeth Plant KPACTP In pet dog training, teaching owners positive training, that is to say, to deliver rewards for desirable behaviour -  is significantly easier and safer than trying to...

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Choosing a Good Trainer

How to choose a good trainer and an explanation of positive training (Taken from the website of The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior ) How to Choose a Trainer: Choosing a dog trainer can be one of the most important...

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