What is This Horse Saying? A Workshop on Interspecies Communication

Communication is at the core of our relationships with our animals.

To facilitate connection we need to be able to read fine details in their communication, including body language, vocalizations and shifts of energy. We can develop an intuitive awareness, going beyond the ‘analysis’ of every individual signal.

Although we have always communicated with our companion animals, in recent times progress has been made in understanding deeper levels of connection and seeing animal communication as language.

While certain people have always stood out as ‘listeners’ or ‘whisperers’, now you too can learn and connect!

What is This Horse Saying? is for you if you have an interest in interspecies communication.

We will learn about the horse’s body language, facial expressions and vocalizations and explore communication with another species at greater depth. Such communication happens on many levels.

This is now an exciting new area of research and exploration, including physical and physiological aspects, such as entrainment, the synchronization of heart rhythms, hormonal and hard-wired responses.

For further inspiration, google the powers of ‘entrainment’ on upliftconnect.com or go to Halliday’s website www.chironmedicinehorses.ca

Saturday, April 27, 2019, from 1-4 p.m,

presented by Halliday Walsh of Chiron Medicine Horses

Cost $40, VIATA members $15. New memberships available at $25.

[VIATA will donate part of your fee towards feed for the herd]

1514 Winchester Road

Qualicum Beach (Coombs area)


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