Reward-based humane animal training and handling on Vancouver Island.



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Reward-based humane animal training and handling on Vancouver Island.

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Explains why positive training is the way to go!
Articles written by professionals and more!

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WELCOME TO Vancouver Island Animal Training Association


The purpose of VIATA is to promote humane scientific reward-based training, and animal handling on Vancouver Island.

VIATA was created as a local forum and resource for professionals in the animal care field and concerned individuals alike.

As VIATA members we share as a core value the well-being of all animals we come into contact with and care deeply about humane, low-stress, reward and science-based methods.

Latest News and Events

Spring Newsletter 2018

Visitors to our lovely West Coast Isle often rave about how green it is, even in the darkest winter months.
Those of us lucky enough to live here, watch eagerly for the tender bright greens of spring to join those weathered greens of winter. The hunkered down greens of Douglas firs and leathery salal are joined by an exuberant choir of willows, maples and snowberry.
Even the most curmudgeonly heart can’t resist singing along with a West Coast Spring.


Welcome to the Winter Edition of your VIATA e-Newsletter! If you haven’t already heard, our next edition will be in PRINT! In the first week of June 2018, these VIATA Newsletters will be distributed freely from pet stores, vet’s offices and other community...

Training Exchange Workshop

Sibling Rivalry Cowichan Exhibition Grounds WHEN: Sunday March 25 2018 WHERE: Scout Hall @ Cowichan Exhibition 7380 Trans-Canada Highway Duncan, BC To Register, Please Contact: Download...

Viata Newsletter Winter 2017

We are very excited to present the premiere edition of VIATA’s Quarterly Newsletter, in the Winter of 2017. The VIATA Newsletter has been emailed to all of our members, and please feel free to share it as widely as you like. We want to promote VIATA and...


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The Heart of the Matter

The well-being of our animals is in our hearts and our hands.

We are their advocates. We are responsible for ensuring they are treated humanely, this includes interactions with our family members, friends, veterinarians, groomers, etc.
We enrich their lives and increase our bond by first understanding and then responding to their needs.

  • What is your animal’s body language saying?
  • What is your body language saying to your animal?
  • What does the word ‘positive’ mean in ‘positive training’?
  • What are low stress techniques, how do they benefit our animals?
  • What is “enrichment” and why is it important to my dog and me?
  • What qualifications should a pet sitter have?

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Beyond ‘feeling positive about being positive’, there are great benefits to becoming a VIATA member!

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