VIATA was created as a local forum and resource for professionals in the animal care field and concerned individuals alike.

As VIATA members we share as a core value the well-being of all animals we come into contact with and care deeply about humane, low-stress, reward and science-based methods.

VIATA’s Mission Statement:

  • Promote humane science-based methods of training, behaviour management and care, and their beneficial long term effects in animals, by embracing reward-based methods.
  • Increase public awareness and provide education and encouragement of reward-based humane treatment and training of animals on Vancouver Island.
  • Provide networking, mentoring, continuing education, and training exchange workshops on Vancouver Island.
  • Facilitate the enhancement of cooperation, respect and trust between people and animals.

We invite you to explore the vision and concerns of our association via the online resources of this website.

Among other sources of information, you will find an on-line directory of professional members all of whom have committed to provide humane care for animals according to the VIATA Code of Ethics.

You may also further your interest and education by attending workshops sponsored by VIATA or by attending our own Training Exchange workshops. (Please see Events page for details of upcoming events).

Please feel free to contact us with your questions, concerns or interests at any time or check us out on Facebook.

We would love to share our vision with you and hope that you will join us.