What is “enrichment” and why is it important to my dog and me?
Article by Allison Schaefer, RAHT

Behavioural enrichment is an animal care principle important for any
animal in captivity.  It involves providing activities, interactions, and
opportunities for animals to engage in behaviour that provides both mental
and physical well-being.  For most animals, this means allowing them chances
to engage in activities that express natural behaviours.  For example, for
domestic cats, enrichment is providing them with places to scratch, a
natural cat behaviour.  For domestic dogs, enrichment means providing them
with safe objects for chewing, a natural dog behaviour.  For dogs, adding
enrichment activities can greatly improve the quality of life for reactive
or aggressive dogs, who may not be able to engage in walking or socializing
activities;  for puppies, who need time to learn about the world and
socialize at their own pace; for senior dogs, who may not be able to engage
in the amount of physical exercise that they used to; and for high-energy
dogs, who need a balance of mental and physical exercise to live happily in
a human home.

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